Is Your Home Protected Against Earthquakes?!

I had my home earthquake retrofitted this week. It struck me that it's important to educate future clients, and past clients on Seattle soil. By no means am I geo-technical or engineering expert, but I do know the threat of earthquakes, and the damage a large one would do to a home in this region could be disastrous. Earthquakes could impact various areas of Seattle in different ways. Homes older than the 1970's are well worth looking into for earthquake retrofits. Do you know what type of soil you live on, and have you reached out to your insurance company to ask about earthquake insurance? I have attached an interesting map in the link at the bottom that shows Seattle soil. The areas where you see grey or black lines running through it is all land that has been either filled or changed with top soil over the years. If you live in those areas and don't have earthquake insurance, I would highly encourage it. I have earthquake insurance even with having my home retrofitted, as the primary damage in an earthquake is often water damage due to busted plumbing or fires do to failed electrical. Certain homes can't get earthquake insurance. If that is the case with your home, it's even more reason to take measures to protect your home structurally. Give some thought to this topic, and contact your insurance provider to get further info.

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